Honda Amaze Diesel Price In India, Features and Specifications:

JAPENSE car Honda Amaze Diesel is the first diesel vechicle launched in the India by the HONDA company after fiscal and it will be an entry-level sedan, named ‘Amaze’ .This car is first Honda built oil burner feature for efficient use of resource.This car Honda Amaze in Thailandknown as Brio Amaze.This year for Honda is extremely bad globally whereas after introducing such diesel car at affordable price in India is a hoping for the company and it also will change the future for Honda in India.As the petrol price goes on hiking after using diesel it get some relief. Competition of diesel engine is less in India and Honda will stand here with its extremely high quality standards.


The Honda company itself said “The car offers amazing power delivery yet with class leading fuel efficiency, while sustaining core Honda values to appeal to the growing base of middle class customers aspiring to own a Honda Sedan.”
Honda Amaze Diesel car has bosy type of  Sedan with C Segment which is very much appeal to the middle class customers who wants a car.This car is made kept under views for customer delight beyond their expectations.

Honda Amaze car is having Diesel engine  which offers displacement of 1.5 litre diesel.The car offers amazing power and torque for well functioned of car.It is categorised under class leading fuel efficiency.This car is having space to seated 5 persons in this car.Having suspension of McPherson Struts.It is power steering for well control function of the car.This car delivers you 5 Manual speed Gear function.This Honda car’s brake is of Front Disk and the back brake is of  Rear Drum

The car is measured perfectly awesome , its dimension is of Length: 3990 mm x  Width: 1680 mm x Height: 1485 mm.Its stylish design draws attention of many as it is having spacious cabin within a compact body size that makes this vehicle easy to use even in urban areas.

Honda Amaze Diesel in the market is introduced at affordable prices released by increasing cost competitiveness through local sourcing and production, price of this car is of Rs. 7,00,000/- Indian Rupees.

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