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Usha room heaters Price list in India

USHA brings you a wide range of room heaters to protect yourself and your family from the cold.A room heater can be defined as a device that heats or provides heat.These are user-friendly heaters, due to their characteristics of space benefit, less electricity consumption, quick and adequate heating, easy installation and portability. If you want to rule out the chilling winters and the cool breeze out of your room, then this room heater from Usha would do wonders for you.


Usha HC 423-Heat Convector

In this winters,it is going to be very cold.To keep you hot, Usha has comes with a next level of room heater for your home temperature according to you with Usha HC 423-Heat Convector.The new Usha HC 423-Heat Convector has three heat settings 665W/1330W/2000W,Adjustable height / temperature control,auto thermal cut-out,Side air suction,cool touch handle,neon indicators,personal fan in summer.With the thermal cut out it protects the appliance in case of voltage fluctuation.The Usha HC 423-Heat Convector requires power consumption of 230V, 50 Hz, AC Single Phase for its porper functioning. This room heater from Usha has RPM High Speed of 21/2400W and RPM Low Speed of 12/2200W.With the help of night light indicator,you can set the room heater from hig to low heating options according to your surrounding temperature.This Usha HC 423-Heat Convector include different cord options like Usha HC 423-Heat Convector.The Usha HC 423-Heat Convector comes equipped with Thermal Cut Out in safety feature which make it a perfect appliance to be used in a family environment. This room heater has an air suction fan for regulating a quantity of air supplied to the combustion chamber.Another benefit of Usha HC 423-Heat Convector over the traditional heater is that both money and energy can be saved at the same time. The Usha HC 423-Heat Convector comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.By using this type of room heater, electric bills can be lowed and even more money can stay in the consumer’s pocket.The new Usha HC 423-Heat Convector,which is an affordable room heater for anyone,you can make your room temperature as per your need.

The price of Usha HC 423-Heat Convector in India is Rs.2095/- (approximately).

Usha HC 423-Heat Convector

Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater

This time its going to be very cold in India.And to keep you hot,Usha has come a wide range of room heaters for you.Starting from Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater,which is an affordable room heater for anyone. This device keeps the room temperature high and saves your children from the killing winter season. The Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater is provided with two heating positions to offer you more comfort.With these two heating option you can keep it high or low according to your needs. It is an energy saver heater that consumes only 230V.So now there is no tension of electricity bills to get a hot and cozy environment in the cool and chilly season.To provide security, the safety device is loaded with a safety tip over the switch that cuts off the heater incase it tilts or falls down. The Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater is coated with a powdered finish coating to prevent corrosion which provides it a long life use.This QH 3002 has Quartz Tube Heating Element which provides as much extra heat as needed.This room heater from usha features with cord storage facilty from which you can easily mounted the cords on the hooks provided at the back of the heater.The Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater requires a power consunption of 50 , AC Single PhaseHZ for its proper functioning.Overall, Usha QH 3002 Quartz Heater is a perfect heating device to make your room warm.There is one year limited warranty for this Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater.There are several beneficial reasons to using this Usha QH 3002 room heater all of which includes efficiency, safety, and eco-friendly benefits.

The price of Usha QH 3002-Quartz Heater in India is Rs.1199/- (approximately).



Usha Heat Convector 812T is an affordable and effective room heater for quickly heating up a cold room to make it cozy.It is a convection type of which would work ideal for medium seized room.USHA HC812T lets you enjoy the comfortable confines of your room with its heating functions.This room heater maintains has a thermostat control to maintain desired room temperature.This room heater from USHA comes with a twin turbo design along with two speed motor would help you maintain an even temperature of the room in winters.The side air inlet offers excellent heat exchange, for better efficiency and effect.Usha Heat Convector 812-T Comes With Thermostat Controls, Night Light Indicator and Adjustable Height.The best part of this room heater is the night light indicators which make it easy to operate in dark.You can very well adjust the height of the heater,thus making sure each and every corner of the room is kept warm. This Usha Heat Convector 812T comes equipped with excellent safety features like Safety thermal cut out, which would automatically cut off the power in case of any danger or overheating, and just act as a true power saver.
There are three heating positions and two fan speeds to suit your comfort.And it has 2 speed motor which capable of powerful heating fuctions.With the help of Bakelite handle,you can carry it to the desired place to warm and thus save lots of energy. This Usha Heat Convector 812T requires a power consumption of 230V, AC, 50 Hz, single phase for its proper functioning.It has two heating options of 1OOOW / 2000W, so you can adjust on own chioce.It also has RPM High Speed of 21/2400W (2 fan speeds) quick heating of your bedroom.This room heater from USHA has several cord options that includes Copper conductors, PVC sheathed, 16A, 3 pin moulded plug etc.The Usha Heat Convector 812T carries highly portable design and light weight body.The Usha Heat Convector 812T comes with a one year limited warranty.

The price of Usha Heat Convector 812T in India is Rs.2145/- (approximately).

Usha Heat Convector 812T

Usha Fan Heater 812 T

Today,with the advent of apartment flats the Usha appliance that has taken the place of the fireplace with the fan heaters.Usha Fan Heater 812 T is a nice portable room heater with high thermal conductivity that can make you evening warm and cozy.This room heater has 2 heat seating (1000W and 2000 W) with Safety thermal cut-out which would automatically cut off the power in case of any danger or overheating, and just act as a true power saver.This Usha FH 812 T comes with Twin turbo design to spread all round heat in the room that heats up the room fast.This unit has a built in handle on top to carry it around your home.The Night light indicator is very helpful during night.The thermostat controls the temprature and protects the heater from overheating.With the option of low and high setting,you can choose the desired temprature to create a comfortable setting.This unit uses Side air inlet grills that ensuring better heating across your room.The Usha FH 812 T is a safe and efficient room heater suitable to use at home.It holds great value for you investment with its instant and state of art heating features witout burning too much of your pocket and space.The Usha FH 812 T requires a power consumption of 230V AC, 50Hz for better functioning with comfort heating.
The unit has enough safety features and the suface does not get very hot which is very convenient for using at home with kids.

The price of Usha FH 812 T in India is Rs.2625/- (approximately).


Usha Fan Heater 3114 S

You can enjoy staying warm with this Usha FH 3114 S fan heater just instantly.This fan heater from Usha is poered with 2 heat setting that is 1000W and 2000W, which provides you with the flexibilty over how much you heat your room.The cool touch housing along with the carry handle makes it very easy to move from one place to another.Usha Fan Heaters FH 3114S Comes With Thermal Cutout, Oscillating Function and Carry Handle.The most important and functional design element of the heater is its oscillating function.The heater oscillates 70 degree to spread all round heat in the room that heats up the room fast.The Usha FH 3114 S requires power consumption of 220-240 V for comfortable sleep during cold winter season with its hot air functions.This fan heater has Adjustable thermostat to control the room temperature according to your requirements.A Thermostat is a component of a control system which senses the temperature of a system so that the system’s temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint.This fan heater would surly attract the user with its excellent heating technology and overall performance packed in a compact body.The most important feature of this fan heater is the thermal cutoff, which is designed to shut the heater down if the temperature becomes too hot.This prevents the heater from catching on fire while overheating or high voltage.This Usha FH 3114 S is certified by ISI mark,that conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards.There is one year limited warranty for this Usha FH 3114 S fan heater. It holds great safety features and is very easy to carry and use.The economic price tag make sit sell like a hot cake especially among elders.

The price of Usha FH 3114 S in India is Rs.1943/- (approximately).

Usha Fan Heater 3112

Usha Fan Heater 3112

If you’re looking for a room heater to warm your bedroom, office or living room, look no further than Usha FH 3112 fan heater!Electric fan heaters can be less expensive to buy than other heaters, as the fan carries heat away from the device, which can be made smaller without overheating.A fan heater is a heater that works by using a fan to pass air over a heating element. This heats up the air, which then leaves the heater, warming up the surrounding room.They can heat an enclosed space such as a room faster than a heater without fan, but, like any fan, make noise.The Usha FH 3112 has 2 heating positions of 1200W and 2000 W for high and low temperature according to user comfortness.The Usha FH 3112 also have a adjustable thermostat which switches off heating when the desired ambient temperature is reached.Moreover for 100 percent safety you can tip over safety switch which avoid tilting of the material.Above all it holds high temperature resistant and very effective anti electric shock protection.The Usha FH 3112 require a power consumption of 220-240 V for efficient energy to hot your room quickly. Electric fan heaters usually have a thermal fuse close to the element to protect against fan failure causing overheating and possibly fire.Their simple design makes them as affordable as they are efficient. The heating unit heats up quickly and doesn’t need much electricity to run.One of the greatest advantages of a fan-forced heater is their portability. You can carry these compact units from room to room and enjoy customized heating anywhere!This fan heater from Usha also features with Thermal Cut Out in safety feature which make it a perfect appliance to be used in a family environment.The Usha FH 3112 is certified by ISI mark that used to mean that a certain product conforms to the quality standards set up by the government.This fan heater from USha are a safe way to heat your home, being the top choice for consumers when looking for safety.

The price of Usha FH 3112 in India is Rs. 2835/- (approximately).

Usha Fan Heater 3112 PTC

Usha Fan Heater 3112 PTC

Usha fan heaters are a popular choice for heating large, frequently used living areas for short periods of time since the entire space will become warm.The Usha FH 3112 PTC has Two heat options 1OOOW / 2000W you can adjust on own chioce.Adjustable thermostat control is available in this Usha FH 3112 PTC fan heater.Choosing a thermostatically controlled heater not only protects your house from potential fire hazards, it also saves a lot of energy since the heater switches off automatically when the room temperature reaches a certain temperatureUsha Fan Heaters FH 3112 PTC Comes With 2 Heating Positions, Adjustable Thermostat and Thermal Fuse.This fan heater from Usha requires maximum power of 1200/2000 watt and power supply of 220-240 Voltage.A great advantage to fan heaters is the option of combining heating and ventilation.Fan heaters utilize a series of coils to generate heat. An external fan on the front of the unit quickly spins and throws the heat generated from the heating coils into the room.Many fan heaters allow the heating element to be turned off while the fan continues to run, making them useful in both warm and cold seasons.This Usha FH 3112 PTC comes with a one year manufacture warranty and it is certified by ISI mark that conforms to the quality standards of home appliance for Usha.

The price of Usha FH 3112 PTC in India is Rs. 2940/- (approximately).


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